Best Companies to by posters from

There are a large variety of companies that sell labor law posters and offer an update service. As this site is solely dedicated to helping employers make the right decisions, we’ve assembled a list of poster vendors, which we hope to expand with your help.

Company Poster Price 1 Year Coverage Plan Posters in Set BBB Accredited Google Trusted Store Fine Coverage Refunds
Compliance Assistance $24.99 $54.98 All-in-One60 Days
Labor Law Center $29.95 $62.99 All-in-One Not Accredited No No 365 Days
Corporate Posters$34.99 Included All-in-One
Personnel Concepts $42.95 $69.95 All-in-One Not Accredited No Yes None
HRdirect $42.99 $84.99 2 A+ Since 2007 No 90 Days
Poster Compliance $48.50 $69.90 All-in-One A+ Since 2014 No 180 Days
FWLLI $38.95 N/A All-in-One Not Accredited No 30 Days
Advantus $56.90 N/A 2 Not Accredited No
Staples $65.99 N/A 2 Not Accredited No 90 Days
Deluxe $66.99 N/A All-in-One A+ Since 1999 No 30 Days
J. J. Keller $39.95 $69.30 All-in-One Not Accredited No 90 Days
Intuit $54.99 $70.39 2 A+ Since 2010 No Yes 90 Days

In this list, you’ll find some basic info about each company, their pricing, and their credibility based on Google and the BBB. While we can provide the above information to assist employers in making the right choice, we can’t rate the quality of their posters and service. We hope that you’ll help us do so by leaving some feedback about a company,

We ask you to share your experience in purchasing labor law posters in the comments below, to help the future visitors of this website and provide some additional and more personal advice. The basic review should include the pros and cons of your dealings with any company selling posters, and your overall recommendation as to whether or not to buy from them.

Also suggest or warn against a company not listed below, we’ll be more than happy to refine the list below based on your feedback.