How do labor law poster updates work?

Throughout the year, state labor laws are frequently changed, and to a much lesser extent, federal laws. Whenever there’s a revision, employers are required to update their poster to reflect the most recent version.

It’s important to note that employers are not required to obtain an entirely new set of posters at the beginning of every new year. While it’s true that oftentimes minimum wages are set to change on January 1st of the coming year, this is frequently not the case. As such, your posters from the previous year will adequately fulfill all compliance regulations so long as they display up-to-date text.

To ensure you’re in compliance with the most current laws, you can check Recent Updates at Workplace Posters that offer most recent Free posters in PDF for a list of all revisions made within the last few years. Simply compare the date on which you received whichever labor law poster you’re wanting to know about to the date of its last change